3 reasons why reasonable grouting is necessary for anchoring project

We all know that during the construction of anchor rods and anchor cables, grouting must be carried out into the borehole. Reasonable grouting of the anchoring project is a key factor related to the quality of the project. This is mainly due to the following three reasons:

1. Without slurry wrapping, the tie between the reinforcement and the drill hole will be lost, and the anchoring ability of the anchoring project to the slope body will be lost. And this anchoring ability is realized by the friction between the slurry and the ribs, and the friction between the slurry and the hole wall. That is to say, the slurry transfers the potential sliding force in the engineering slope to the reinforcement body through the transfer action, thereby effectively ensuring the reinforcement of the engineering slope by the anchoring project.

2. The slurry effectively realizes the force transmission between the slope and the reinforcement, and it is necessary to ensure that the slurry has a high strength. The realization of the strength of the slurry must be realized by the strength of the slurry label and the grouting pressure. Imagine that if the strength of the slurry is very low, tensile-shear or compression-shear failure will easily occur in the process of transferring force. This is the main reason why the strength of the slurry should not be less than M30 in the project. In addition, if there is no effective pressure grouting during grouting, just like "people are floating lightly without pressure", the grout's ability to hold the tendons will be so weak and weak, and it will not be possible to achieve the grout to the tendon. Effective gripping ability; the pressure of the slurry on the hole wall will be so understatement, it will not cause a gap between the slurry and the hole wall and can not effectively achieve the anchoring effect of the slope on the anchor solid.

3. Only through reasonable grouting can the corrosion of the anchoring reinforcement by the stratum be effectively isolated. In other words, only effective grouting can effectively realize the isolation between the reinforcement and the corrosive substances in the formation. And this effective isolation must be achieved through reasonable slurry materials and effective grouting pressure.

Self-drilling hollow bolt, as a new type of high-efficiency supporting material, is mainly composed of hollow bolt body, nut, backing plate, connecting sleeve, centering device and drill bit. It integrates drilling, grouting, and anchoring functions. It is suitable for The surrounding rock is broken and difficult to form a hole. The self-drilling hollow bolt can achieve full grouting and high-efficiency anchoring in one drilling. In construction, self-drilling hollow anchor rods do not need casing arm guards, which can greatly improve construction efficiency and reduce the overall cost of the project while shortening the construction period. Self-drilling hollow anchor rods can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, pile foundation support, tunnel pipe shed support and system support, foundation support for power transmission towers or wind towers, and old building repairs.

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