In 2015, Sinorock designated June to July as the "Company Quality Month". 2020 is the sixth quality month for Sinorock.

  • Quality Policy

Take customer expectations as the highest pursuit, take the needs of all parties as the lowest starting point, make products and services competitive continuously.

  • Special Events

1.At the Quality Month Alerting Meeting, we solemnly swear "Quality First, Start from Me."

2.Organize inspection skills training for front-line employees to improve the professionalism and efficiency of product self-inspection.

Front-line employees conducted skill competitions and shared professional experience, enhancing the competitiveness of each process.

Identify problems on the production site and complete the rectification within 1 month, making the site work smoother and more efficient.

Collect the process data of abnormal quality products, analyze the reasons and change the processing technology, and complete the product qualification verification during the quality month.

Sinorock always insists on establishing an effective quality management system and is committed to providing customers with competitive products and solutions.




June to July in 2019, Sinorock® once again ushered in a quality month. The theme of this event was "On-site Improvement, Making Major Breakthroughs".

  • Activity Slogan
Quality leads the new normal and create the brand dream of Sinorock® together
  • Special Events
Good product quality is inseparable from good production equipment, so the accuracy of the equipment is the most direct factor for high product quality. During the event, the Luoyang branch performed a precision check on the whirlwind milling equipment, and all the tested equipment meet the requirement. On the one hand, the activities reflected the stability of the quality during the production, and also showed that the Luoyang factory paid attention to equipment maintenance to ensure the accuracy of the equipment and ensure the high quality of Sinorock® products.

The Technology Center focused on organizing the "clearing up the drawings" activity, which is of great significance to the company's product quality control. The correctness and accuracy of the drawings determine the product quality, so the product quality can be controlled from the source through effective control of the drawings. This activity strengthened the quality awareness of technical staff and made them understand the importance of being a “standard setter”; meanwhile, it made our drawings clearer and strengthened Sinorock®’s competitiveness in the industry.

Quality work is not only valued in Quality Month, we must persist and be vigilant. We will strictly control the production process at all times, effectively avoiding or reducing the occurrence of quality accidents and loss. We will better serve customers around the world, laying a solid foundation for the development of Sinorock® group and the realization of strategic goals.




The theme of Sinorock® Quality Month 2018 is "Focus on Improving Products Quality".

  • Activity Slogan
Continuous improvement, meet demand
  • Special Events
On July 7, the Administration Department and the Quality Department organized a quality knowledge competition among all employees. The activity was held simultaneously in Luoyang and Changzhou. It aimed to increase staff’s familiarity to quality knowledge. The activity aroused the attention of the staff to the quality work, making the concept "quality is the life and soul of the enterprise" deep into the hearts.

On July 15, the Equipment Department took the quality month as an opportunity to organize factories in Luoyang and Changzhou to participate in the inspection activities of "standard operation and safe use of production equipment". The inspection aimed to ensure the correct installation, rational use, standard operation and timely maintenance of production equipment. This activity raised the awareness of the front-line staff on the standard use of production equipment and improved the overall standardization of the production process, ensuring the processing quality of our products.

Quality is of vital importance to our long-term development. The implement of our activities has made good practices quoted and solidified in our daily work, making us carry the word "quality" in our minds to do every job well. The staff's high attention to quality control and the company's determination to expand the market with quality will enable Sinorock® to overcome the obstacles and move forward to the forefront of the world.




From June to July in 2017, Sinorock® held a Quality Month with the theme of "Focus-Improve-Promote".

  • Activity Slogan
Speak with facts and data, exploring the market with quality
  • Special Events
On July 13, Sinorock® Luoyang Branch organized a skills competition for its front-line workers. It organized a "Crane Operation Competition" for packaging workers. The competition improved the skill level of crane operators and increased the efficiency of lifting work, and it also strengthened the staff's awareness of safe hoisting and ensured safety production. It organized the warehouse personnel to carry out the "warehouse management and gauge use competition", which combined the theoretical content with the practical operation, not only strengthened the awareness, but also enhanced the warehouse keeper’s professional ability, which guaranteed the Warehouse Management Department's quality control process better.

From July 21-25, the Quality Department of the Luoyang Branch and Changzhou Branch inspected their process principles respectively. Improvement of process principles management is a prerequisite for improving product quality. Through continuous process discipline inspection, the attention of managers to on-site process discipline has been enhanced, the level of process discipline management has been effectively improved, and the quality of our products has been guaranteed.

Holding of the quality month has enhanced our staff's self-inspection and mutual inspection consciousness. At the same time, the end of the quality month does not mean the end of pursuing quality, but integrating quality management into process. Sinorock® will continuously pursue quality and build our brand to achieve the dream of being the world's leading brand in the field of geotechnical anchorage.



From June to July in 2016, Sinorock® launched a Quality Month with the theme "Quality-Brand-Development".

  • Activity Slogan
No demanding clients, only imperfect products. Quality comes first, starts from me
  • Special Events
On July 28, the Quality Department organized the quality related staff to participate in the Quality Inspection Standard Training, so that the quality staff can understand our inspection standards more clearly to perform their duties better. The training makes the purchasing staff understand our inspection standards deeply and introduce them to our suppliers during negotiations so as to promote the quality of incoming products.

From July 10 to 25, Sinorock® Changzhou Branch organized a QC process practice focused on highlighting error-prone points for all employees, Including incoming inspection, process inspection and outgoing inspection. This practice makes the staff know the three main process points more clear, ensuring quality control throughout the entire production process.

The various quality month activities have further promoted the quality consciousness of the staff and the product quality. With the joint efforts of all the staff of Sinorock®, the qualified rate of the production process has been continuously raised, the abnormal proportion of the incoming products has been reduced obviously, and production abnormity has been significantly improved. Sinorock® always believes that product quality is the foundation of enterprise survival, and we will continue to improve product quality to serve every customer.




In June, 2015,Sinorock® holds the Quality Month Activity. The aim is to improve the quality awareness of all staff.

  • Activity Slogan
Quality in mind, standard in brain, technics in hand
  • Special Events
6.23Sinorock® held the quality month activity kick-off meeting.
6.26arketing center held a test about product knowledge.