• 2023 Big events
    2023.5Sent a delegation to Russia to participate in the CTT EXPO 2023, not only with the international counterparts to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation but also to demonstrate the company's technical strength and product innovation capabilities

    • delegation to Russia to participate in the CTT EXPO 2023
    • product-display-center

    2020-2022 Big events
    2020Adjusting strategic direction, expanding product lines, and gradually transforming from a manufactuer to a comprehensive solution provider
    2022.6Renovation of the office headquarters and comprehensive upgrading of the office environment, providing a more comfortable and modernized working environment for employees
    2022.6Added a product display center, providing customers with a more intuitive and comprehensive product display and experience, and also providing a better platform for communication and cooperation between the company and its customers
    2022.11Successful expansion of international market share and continuous growth of product exports during the economic winter period against the trend of development
  • 2019 Big events
    2019.04Continue to participate in North American and European exhibitions, learn about the latest news in the field of geotechnical anchoring, and deeply satisfy customer demands.
    2019.09Sinorock TC drill bit production line provides strong support for lower cost and faster delivery.
    2019.11For the first time, the micro-pile pullout test was successfully implemented, filling the gap in the practice of micropile

    • 2019 Big events
    • 2018 Big events

    2018 Big events
    2018.03Luoyang Branch and Changzhou Branch respectively completed the relocation and expansion
    2018.08Large diameter bolt was developed
    2018.09A customised designing of R51 self-drilling pipe shed for the first time
  • 2017 Big events
    2017.05Pipe Roof technique using SDA bolts had been sucessfully applied in Zhengzhou-Wanzhou High speed Railway for the first time
    2017.08120T rolling machine was put into production
    2017.12Sinorock had been sucessfully awarded National High-tech Enterprise certificate

    • 2017 Big events
    • 2016 Big events

    2016 Big events
    2016.06The technical team carried out technical services in the construction site of large diameter bolts in United States
    2016.07The Great Wall tour of the core management team started the new situation of company operation management
    2016.12Sinorock has successfully applied for "Enterprise R&D Center" and "Engineering Technology Research Center"
  • 2015 Big events
    2015.03Won 4 patents
    2015.06Quality month activity was held
    2015.0990T rolling mill and large diameter anchor bar straightening machine were put into production

    • 2015 Big events
    • 2014 Big events

    2014 Big events
    2014.03Attended CONEXPO CON/AGG in Las Vegas, America
    2014.04Sinorock provided after-sales service in Pakistan
    2014.07Large diameter anchor bolt was trial-manufactured successfully
    2014.10 A new factory was founded
  • 2013 Big events
    2013.07Sinorock® provided after-sales service in Iran
    2013.09Shell magazine was published
    2013.116S management system

    • 2013 Big events
    • 2012 Big events

    2012 Big events
    2012.11Sinorock® got the first customer from Canada
  • 2011 Big events
    2011.05Sinorock® was founded
    2011.09The website was posted online www.sinorockco.com

    • 2011 Big events