Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt

Stainless steel anchor bolt adopts alloy steel materials and has super-high anti-corrosion effect. It is suitable for several complex and weak geological conditions and it can be kept 120 years without maintenance.

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Stainless steel anchor bolt is made of stainless steel materials. It is an alloy steel anchor bolt which can resist corrosion in air or chemical corrosion conditions.

Owning to its good welding performance & inoxidizability, stainless steel rock bolt are mainly used in the permanent support of large initial stress of surrounding rock, or other projects which have special requirement for corrosion resistance, such as sub-sea tunnel, seaport, seawall and some projects in the industrial pollution area. Stainless hollow anchor meets the demands of anti-corrosion and seismic resistance, which can reach 120 years without maintenance.

It’s applied to marine environment and chloride corrosion. It is also used to chemical industry and infrastructures of important equipment which requires high anti-corrosion quality. It’s widely used in bay, pier, pile foundation, breakwater and mooring system.

Features and advantages:
1.Good anti-corrosion quality and antioxidant activity.
2.High temperature oxidation resistance, resisting fire at a certain extent.
3.Stainless steel has good strength and high wear resistance.
4.Its anti-corrosion and resistance to chloride is prior to other coating re-bars due to its repairing oxide layer.

Technical Data:
Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt
Sample Size Outer Dia.
Inner Dia.
Ultimate Load
Yield Load
Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt R32N 32 18       ISO 10208
Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt T20/40 40 20 400 250 6.0 ISO 10208

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