Self-drilling hollow Anchor Rods Common Application scenarios

 Self-drilling hollow anchor rods have excellent anchoring effects when used in geological conditions that are easy to collapse. Therefore, the application of self-drilling hollow anchor rods is becoming more and more extensive. What scenarios can be used for self-drilling hollow bolts?
Anchor Rods
Let’s understand together:
1. Used as pre-stressed anchor rod: used in slope, underground excavation, anti-floating and other scenes instead of anchor cables, self-drilling hollow anchor rods are drilled to the required depth, and then end grouting is performed, and the tension is provided after solidification pull;
2. Used as a micro-pile: self-drilling hollow anchor rods can be drilled down and grouted to form micro-piles, which are often used for wind power station tower foundations, power transmission tower foundations, building foundations, retaining wall pile foundations, bridge pile foundations, etc. ;
3. Used for soil nailing: often used for slope support, instead of conventional steel anchor rods, and can also be used for deep foundation pit steep slope support;
4. Used for rock nails: in some rocky slopes or tunnels with severe surface weathering or joint development, self-drilling hollow bolts can be used for grouting after drilling to bond the rock blocks together and improve their stability For example, the rock slope reinforcement of roads and railways that are easy to collapse can also replace conventional pipe roofs for reinforcement at the loose tunnel entrance;
5. Foundation reinforcement or disaster management. As the support time of the original rock-soil support system increases, these support structures may have some problems that require reinforcement or treatment, such as the deformation of the original slope, the settlement of the original foundation, the uplift of the roadway surface, etc. , The self-drilling hollow bolt can be used to drill into the original slope, foundation or roadway ground, etc., for grouting and consolidation of cracks to prevent the occurrence of geological disasters.
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