The Introduction of Rock Bolts Application and Types

Bolt support is widely used in underground caverns, tunnel support projects and high slope treatment projects. The bolt support generally uses cement mortar, chemical anchoring agent or resin as the bolt binder, or uses mechanical means to Rock Bolts the bolt in the drilled hole.

self drilling rock bolt types

Rock Bolts rods can be divided into the following types according to different anchoring agents and different ways of applying anchoring force.

Full Length Bonded Rock Bolts

Rock bolts rod in which the entire length of itself is in contact with the bonding material after the bonding material is injected into the drilling hole. This bolt has the characteristics of strong anchoring force.

Prestressed Rock Bolts

Prestressed rock bolts. The bolt exerts an anchoring force on the rock mass structure before deformation occurs, and can effectively stabilize the unstable rock mass structure.

Friction Rock Bolts

The rock bolts rod is anchored by the friction between the rock bolts rod body and the hole wall.

Mortar Rock Bolts

Bonded rock bolts rod with cement mortar and fast-hardening cement mortar as anchoring agent.

Cement Coil Rock Bolts

Bonded Rock Bolts rod with cement roll as anchoring agent.

Resin Rock Bolts

Bonded bolts using resin as the anchoring agent have higher cost because the anchoring agent is resin.

According to different construction methods, bolts can be divided into the following types.

Self-drilling Rock Bolts

The self-drilling bolt is mainly composed of a hollow bolt body, a nut, a backing plate, a connecting sleeve, a centering device and a drill bit. It integrates the functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring.

Self-drilling rock bolts can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, pile foundation support, tunnel pipe shed support and system support, foundation support for transmission towers or wind towers, repair of old buildings, etc. It has the advantages of high construction efficiency, good anchoring effect, low comprehensive cost, wide application range and high safety performance.

self drilling rock bolt

Seam Rock Bolts

It is a rock bolt rod that pushes a thin-walled steel pipe with longitudinal slits into a hole smaller than its outer diameter, and uses the steel pipe to generate resistance to the radial pressure of the hole wall.

Flower Tube Grouting Rock Bolts

Mortar bolts are made of steel pipes with a certain number of small holes arranged on the pipe wall as the rod body is inserted into the drilling hole, and then grouted into the bolt hole through the small holes of the rod body cavity.

Swellex Rock Bolts

The special-shaped cavity rod processed with thin-walled steel pipe is sent into a hole slightly larger than it, and by injecting water into the cavity of the rod at high pressure, the rod expands and generates frictional resistance on the hole wall to play an anchoring role. Rock Bolts rod.

swellex rock bolts

According to the length of support, the bolts can be divided into the following types.

Permanent Rock Bolts

Rock bolts rod that is consistent with the service life of the main project, can maintain stable performance and quality standards during the effective operation period of the project, or has the conditions for maintenance and replacement, and can continue to play a role.

Temporary Rock Bolts

If the standard of the same service life of the main project is not reached, only the bolts that function during the construction of the project or at a specific stage are required, and their functions are generally not considered under the normal operating conditions of the project.

There are many types of bolts, and different types of bolts have different functions. At present, the self-drilling Rock Bolts rod is more popular in the market, which is easy to construct and has good anchoring effect.

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