• Quality control starts from the source — supplier
    Quality control starts from the source — supplier
    The suppliers of Sinorock® are professional manufacturers, which all have rich production experience over 20 years. Some of these suppliers have cooperated with Sinorock® over 10 years. All of the production equipment are from domestic first-class manufacturers. The raw material is controlled strictly to make quality stable.
  • Supplier grading system
    Sinorock® applies supplier grading system to ensure the quality of raw material.
    Grade A: Excellent.
    Grade B: Good.
    Grade C: Fair.
    Grade D: Indeterminate.
    Grade E: Unqualified.
    Supplier grading system
  • 4 steps to manage supplier
    4 steps to manage supplier
    Evaluate: Sinorock® evaluates every new-developed supplier comprehensively from multi-perspectives.
    Check: Sinorock® will make annual assessment for every supplier.
    Test: Sinorock® will appoint inspector to supplier’s factory to finish field inspection.
    Track: Sinorock® will appoint staff to track the production schedule.