Why Use Self-drilling Rock Bolt to Support Broken Rocks? 2 Reasons and 3 Advantages!

When building a railway or highway, we often encounter the high slopes that need to be supported. Due to the broken and loose rocks, it’s very dangerous for the workers and difficult to support. When supporting this kind of slopes, we should use self-drilling rock bolt. Why? Today, Sinorock will tell the 2 reasons and 3 advantages you need to know. 

high slopes with broken and loose rock layers

The stabilization of the slopes is determined by the geological condition formed under natural environment and human activities. Before, we will use the traditional materials and methods to construct, such as rebar or anchor lines.

However, there are two reasons why we now won’t take these methods as the first choice.

1. Hard to Complete

When using rebar or anchor lines to support the broken rocks, we must take 4 steps to complete the whole construction process.

1)      Drill a hole

2)      Pull out the drill pipe

3)      Put the rebar or anchor lines in the hole

4)      Grout

In broken rock conditions, when drilling in, the drill bit is very easy to be stuck in the rock. What’s more, after the drill pipe is pulled out, the hole probably will collapse, and we could not put the rebar or anchor lines in the hole successfully, which results in that we can’t go to next step.

2. Cost Much More

For the above supporting method, it need 6~8 or more to complete the construction, which means we will pay more to get the work done. And including the other cost, we will spend much more on the project. That’s a very low cost-effective project.

Then, why should we use self-drilling rock bolt to support the broken rocks? 3 reasons.

r thread self drilling rock bolt system

1. Convenient to construct

The self-drilling rock bolt combines drilling, grouting, and anchoring into one step. It is suitable for broken rock, loose soil and geological conditions where are difficult to drill holes. Casing pipe is omitted in construction, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

Also, it can be cut at any position or lengthened by couplers. Therefore, it can work conveniently in a narrow space.

2. Reliable anchoring result

The self-drilling rock bolt system can fill cracks, consolidate rock mass and soil layer through pressure grouting, and has good grouting spreading radius and reliable anchoring quality.

3. Cost less

Using self-drilling rock bolt system can reduce the numbers of workers, and certainly it will reduce the cost of the whole construction.

Application of self-drilling rock bolt system

1. Corrosive projects such as ocean and lake.

2. Building foundation stabilization under heavy corrosive environment

3. Repair of existing building with permanent support requirements

4. Anti-floating pile under periodic variation of groundwater

5. Transmission tower base with high corrosion resistance requirement

6. Corrosive soil and rock reinforcement projects with aggressive geological conditions

high slope supported by self drilling rock bolt system

Above all, that’s why we should use self-drilling rock bolt to support the slopes with broken and loose rock. It is a good choice to anchor the unstable conditions.

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