Different Self Drilling Anchor Bolt Construction Equipment and Their Advantages

The construction of self-drilling anchor bolts is different from that of ordinary bolts. The construction of self-drilling anchor bolts adopts the method of grouting while drilling, and ordinary bolts require multiple progressive drilling, rod release and grouting. Therefore, the construction equipment used is different, and the requirements for construction equipment are also different. Below, Sinorock will introduce the self-drilling anchor bolt construction equipment for you.

self drilling anchor bolt drilling rig

Special drilling rig for self-drilling anchor bolt

The special drilling rig for self-drilling anchor bolts is a kind of equipment specially matched with the construction of self-drilling anchor bolts. According to the application scenario of self-drilling anchor bolt, the parameters of the power head are optimized, which can perform high-frequency impact and high-speed rotation, more smooth slag discharge, and faster drilling speed. Full hydraulic control, convenient and flexible operation, the hydraulic valve group adopts the imported products from Italy, the work is stable and reliable, and the failure rate is low. The standard reverse punching function can effectively solve the problem of sticking during the drilling process.

Advantages of special drilling rig for self-drilling anchor bolt

1. High cost performance

With the self-drilling anchor bolt construction technology, drilling, grouting and anchoring can be completed at one time, which simplifies the construction steps, and the construction efficiency is 4-5 times that of steel bars, anchor cables, etc., thereby reducing the overall cost, and the price is only foreign 1/3-1/2 of similar rigs.

2. Applicable to complex geology

It is especially suitable for anchoring construction under complex geological conditions (broken rock layers, loose rock and soil layers, etc.), such as clay, silty clay, especially soil mixed with rocks, miscellaneous fills, cobblestones and other difficult-to-porous geology.

3. Diversified drilling methods

According to different geology, rotary drilling or rotary percussion drilling is adopted, the drilling and grouting are carried out synchronously, the grout can effectively fill the rock cracks, the diameter of the anchor body is large, and the anchoring effect is good.

self drilling anchor bolt

2. Digging and drilling

Digging to drilling is also called digging to hydraulic drilling rig. It is transformed by using the oil circuit of the excavator's own breaker, connecting the hydraulic rock drill, and removing the bucket. Its components include hydraulic rock drills, hydraulic control systems, feed systems and excavator platforms. Excavation and drilling can be used for the construction of self-drilling anchor bolts, and the functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring can be completed at one time. It is widely used in slope engineering, tunnel engineering, foundation and foundation engineering, water conservancy engineering, road and bridge engineering, etc. Wide range, saving labor, shortening the construction period and so on.

Advantages of digging to drilling

1. One machine with multiple functions

The function conversion between digging and drilling and the excavator is fast, without disassembling the excavator arm, without affecting the performance of the excavator itself, truly realizing one machine with multiple functions. It has a high degree of integration, integrating the power system, the walking system and the drilling system into one, and can work independently without relying on external energy.

2. High-speed drilling

The hydraulic rock drill is used with large rotary torque, which can perform high-frequency rapid impact and fully improve the drilling efficiency. The drilling speed on rocks with a hardness of 8-9 degrees can reach 1m/min, and the maximum can reach 2m/min.

3. Adapt to a variety of terrains’

Digging and drilling can be applied to drilling operations in rocks above grade 7, such as solid sandstone, limestone, solid conglomerate, iron ore, granite, etc. It can adapt to a variety of operating terrains, especially in complex working conditions such as large slopes, limited height space, and undulating terrain.

self drilling anchor bolt drilling rig

The above is the introduction of the self-drilling anchor bolt construction equipment. The drilling machine designed with the self-drilling anchor bolt can make the construction more efficient, the anchoring effect is better, and the anchoring advantages of the self-drilling anchor bolt are more prominent.

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