3 Factors That Affect the Quality of Self-Drilling Hollow Bolts

As we all know, the quality of the self-drilling hollow bolts is vital to the whole project. It determines if the project is safe for the people in future use. Then, what will affect the quality of the self-drilling hollow bolts?

Raw Materials

The impact of raw materials on the quality of self-drilling hollow bolts is very serious, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Raw Material Size

The self-drilling hollow bolt is made of cold-rolled or hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, so the original size of the raw seamless steel pipe will directly affect the size of the finished bolt. If the size of the raw material is unqualified, the size of the produced bolt will deviate, and then there will be quality problems that cannot be screwed together with other components, such as drill bits and connecting sleeves. This kind of quality problem is a low-level error. If the products we send to customers have such quality problems, the customer will seriously doubt our professional ability and seriousness, and even more serious, the customer will reconsider the cooperative relationship with us. This is a very serious loss to us.

Self-Drilling Hollow Bolts Raw Materials - Seamless Steel Pipes

2. Mechanical Properties of Raw Materials

The three major mechanical properties of self-drilling hollow bolts are tensile force, yield force and ductility. Usually, the raw material of our bolts is steel, and its mechanical properties are very important to the mechanical properties of the finished bolts. Under normal circumstances, the tensile strength and yield force of the R32 self-drilling hollow bolt produced by Sinorock are 280kN and 230kN, respectively. If the mechanical properties of the raw material steel do not meet our raw material entry standards and we have not detected them, the mechanical properties of the products sent to customers cannot meet the engineering needs. If the customer conducts the pull-out test, it will be found that the mechanical properties of our products are unqualified, and product quality complaints will occur. This situation will not only cause us to suffer huge economic losses, but also seriously affect our brand reputation, making us more passive in future customer negotiations.

3. Raw Material Production Process

The raw material production process is different, so the various properties of the finished raw materials may be quite different. Therefore, the production process of raw materials is also an important factor affecting product performance.

Processing Technology

1. Processing Technology

The processing process of self-drilling hollow bolts is very complicated, and a slight error in any step may lead to huge differences in product quality. So, what is the processing technology of self-drilling hollow bolts? please look below:

Rolling: according to customer requirements or international standards, rolling seamless steel pipes into bolts with continuous threads on the surface;

Sawing: Saw the rolled bolt into standard lengths or lengths required by customers;

Chamfer: Chamfer the end of the anchor rod;

Straightening: correcting the straightness of the anchor rod;

Spray code: spray the traceability code on the surface of the bolt;

Dip oil: dip the surface of the anchor rod with anti-rust oil;

Deburring: Clean the burrs on the surface or end of the bolt.

2. Equipment

The performance of the production equipment is equally important to the quality of the product. For example, the accuracy of the equipment, the integrity of the equipment, etc., will have a certain impact on the quality of the bolt.

Equipment That Produces Self-Drilling Hollow Bolts

3. Design Standard

The impact of design standards on bolt quality is fatal. If the design standards are wrong, the products produced are equivalent to waste products and will not be able to be used normally in engineering projects.

4. Workers’ Skill

Worker skills mainly refer to the proficiency, accuracy, and skill level of workers in operating equipment.

Packaging and Transportation

The last factor that affects the quality of self-drilling hollow bolts is packaging and shipping. During product packaging, if the product is not packaged in accordance with the standard regulations, the product is likely to collide during transportation and loading or unloading, which will affect the appearance of the product; if the collision is serious, it is likely to affect the use of the product. Or, if the product is exposed to rain, the product will have a quality problem of rust, which will seriously affect the service life. Therefore, when packaging, the product should be packaged and protected in strict accordance with the standards to avoid similar problems during transportation.

Sinorock Self-Drilling Hollow Bolt

The above are the three factors that seriously affect the quality of self-drilling hollow rock bolts. During the production and transportation of self-drilling hollow bolts, special attention should be paid to these three factors to avoid product quality problems.

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