7 advantages of self-drilling soil nails VS solid soil nails

The foundation pit support technology is a hot spot and a difficulty in the current engineering circles. Soil nail support is a new form of foundation pit support, which can play a role in in-situ reinforcement of soil. Soil nail support is a slope support technology with soil nails as the main force-bearing component, which consists of dense soil nail groups and necessary waterproofing systems. Soil nails are slender rods used to reinforce or simultaneously anchor the in-situ soil at the site. They are usually formed by drilling holes in the soil, inserting deformed steel bars, that is, ribbed steel bars, and grouting along the entire length of the hole. The soil nail relies on the interfacial bonding force or friction force between the soil body and the soil body to passively bear the force under the condition of the soil body deformation, and mainly bear the tensile force. The traditional soil nailing support is passive support, and the soil nails are only stressed after the soil body deforms to a certain extent, so generally no prestress is applied. Therefore, traditional soil nailing is not suitable for loose geological conditions such as water-rich silt-fine sand layer, gravel pebble layer and silty soil. The self-drilling hollow bolt produced by Sinorock has strong anti-pulling performance and good connection with the soil. It can replace solid soil nails such as steel bars, and is suitable for various geology.
self-drilling soil nail

Compared with solid soil nails, Sinorock self-drilling soil nails have the following significant advantages:

1) One-step operation of drilling, grouting, and anchoring is realized, which simplifies the construction process and reduces the project cost;

2) It is especially suitable for the support of easily collapsed hole and broken stratum, no need to use casing, and the construction is simple and convenient;

3) Realize synchronous drilling and grouting, thereby enhancing the mechanical adhesion with the surrounding rock and soil.

4) The installation speed of the hollow bolt is twice that of the solid bolt, which significantly improves the construction efficiency.

5) The full-length thread of the anchor rod can be arbitrarily cut and lengthened, and the on-site assembly is simple and flexible.

6) It can also be constructed in narrow and restricted places, and the construction requirements can be met by using a small drilling rig, which reduces the construction cost;

7) Diversified drill bits are suitable for different types of bolts and can be applied to various geological conditions.
soil nail

As an effective anchoring product, Sinorock Self-drilling Hollow Bolt has been widely used in advanced support, radial support, slope support, foundation pit support, roadway support, Various surrounding rock support projects such as soil nailing support have been widely praised by the industry.
soil nail

Sinorock is committed to the field of geotechnical anchoring, focusing on customers, providing customers with the best solutions, meeting customer needs in an all-round way, and continuing to provide high-quality, durable and high-performance products for engineering construction, making engineering construction safer and more efficient.

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