Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Ground and Foundation Project

In recent years, with the rapid development of cities, lots of old communities faced many problems due to low design standards and insufficient intendance. The target of this year's old community renovation was clarified at the State Council executive meeting chaired on April 14, to improve people's livelihoods and expand domestic demand.

China will intensify the renovation of old urban residential areas in 2020, benefiting around 39,000 communities, nearly 7000,000 families. Major renovation work will be done in communities built before the end of 2000 to improve supporting infrastructure, the environment, and the quality of public services, such as elderly and child care.

In recent years, urban buildings are developing toward high-rise, the Foundation anchoring is also always developing, in order to meet the demands of the modern construction engineering. The self-drilling anchor bar can be used as supporting tool. The anchor bar is permanently retained in the soil layer after drilling to a certain depth, and the cement slurry is injected into the hollow structure during the rotation of the anchor bar. Cement slurry solidifies in the process of anchor bar rotation and fastens the anchor bar to the foundation. This support pattern not only avoids the problem of soft soil collapse, but also achieves the effect of anchoring foundation. Self-drilling hollow anchor bolt is the choice of most engineers for Ground and Foundation construction.

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