Sinorock " Upgrade Skill, Improve Quality" Quality Month Event

From June to July, it’s the quality month time, and the 2020 theme is "upgrade skill, improve quality". Sinorock believes that quality are closely related to employees, and their negligence and lack of ability will cause quality defects. In this quality month, Sinorock organized a series of activities such as inspection skills training, skills competitions, on-site problem improvement, aiming at enhancing employees' skills and quality awareness.

1、Inspection skills training
Luoyang factory divides employees into groups to test the quality of products. The items include measuring tool preparation, record filling, and inspection dimension integrity. To improve employees' product quality awareness and sensitivity to product issues by detecting and analyzing abnormal points and error-prone points.

2、Skills competitions
Precision manufacturing is inseparable from employees' solid theoretical foundation, professional programming skills, and proficient operation level. Sinorock organized frontline employees a CNC operation competition, including theory examination, operation training and testing, which improved the skill level of frontline employees. These activities fully tap employees' potential and help to cultivate compound talents who can play a vital role in production, thereby improving production efficiency.

3、On-site problem improvement
"On-site" is the gathering point for problems. Starting from the site, all employees participate in problem-finding to promote quality improvement. Changzhou factory divides employees into four groups. Then the four groups put forward reasonable suggestions respectively about the production site problems, and put them in the quality improvement plan to ensure that the problems are effectively solved.

Quality improvement is a systematic project. Sinorock's quality control covers the entire process from inquiry processing to order delivery and final after-sales service. Sinorock will continue to establish an effective quality management system to better provide customers with targeted system solutions

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