Happy China National Day, happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is October 1st, the season of sweet osmanthus fragrance. It’s the annual National Day, the birthday of our great motherland. With the ups and downs, our motherland is 71 years old. We will never forget Chairman Mao’s solemn declaration of "New China is established" on the Tiananmen Gate 71 years ago.
New China is 71 years old this year, it is in the juvenile stage for a country. Looking around, China presents a prosperous scene. With the rapid development of industry, people's living standards are improving day by day, and the whole nation is more united and friendly.
Today is also August 15th in the lunar calendar-China's Mid-Autumn Festival. On these two festivals, the whole country is celebrating. Sinorock believes that in the days to come, we will witness more miracles with our motherland. Sinorock is also growing up with the motherland. On the day of double festivals, Sinorock wishes our great motherland prosperous forever, and wish you good luck and health to for a lifetime!

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