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Rock bolts have been a common method of foundation reinforcement for underground and surface rock structures for many years. Efficiency and easy installation are the two main advantages of this active supporting method over the usual passive method of supporting broken rock. Most rock bolts are made of steel, so when used in geology with rich groundwater or affected by chemical media, they will be corroded by external aggressive media, which will seriously affect the performance and use of rock bolts. While fiberglass bolts are also available in the market, steel rock bolts are still the most commonly used type. Then in actual engineering, in order to avoid corrosion of rock bolts, construction parties usually choose double corrosion protection(DCP) rock bolts to deal with the corrosive geological environment.


What Is Double Corrosion Protection(DCP) Rock Bolts?


At present, there are many kinds of DCP rock bolts on the market. The commonly used double corrosion protection rock bolts (DCP) use high-density polyethylene pipes and a layer of cement around the anchor as two anti-corrosion layers to ensure higher anti-corrosion safety. Sinorock's double anti-corrosion bolt is a combination of two anti-corrosion processes of hot-dip galvanizing and epoxy coating. First, the steel parts are hot-dip galvanized, and then the outer surface is sprayed with epoxy coating. The bolt treated by two anti-corrosion processes has better anti-corrosion performance and longer protection life. It can not only resist ordinary chemical corrosion, but also work under acidic environment and electrochemical corrosion of stray current.


Corrosion Protection Mechanism


The traditional double anti-corrosion rock bolt mainly relies on the high-density polyethylene pipe to physically isolate the groundwater, humidity environment, stray current and other surrounding media from the bolt body. At the same time, the cement after grouting can also be used as an anti-corrosion barrier. While about SINOROCK’S DCP rock bolts, in addition to the hot-dip galvanized layer, then epoxy powder is sprayed on the rock bolts surface again. This process uses electrostatic spraying method to spray epoxy resin powder on the surface of the anchor rod body and accessories to form an anti-corrosion coating. The coating has the effect of resisting the penetration of oxygen ions, chloride ions and water molecules, and the strong binding force between the coating and the anchor rod, so that the coated anchor rod in concrete has a good anti-corrosion effect.

servie life

DCP Rock Bolts Types and Features

n  DCP Thread Bar

DCP Thread Bar is composed of refined rolled thread bar, coupler, hex nut and flat plate, with characteristics of high strength, flexible construction and wide application range. It can be used as soil nail, rock bolt, micropile and other structures for slope support, dam reinforcement, mountain landslide control, foundation uplift control, etc.

In geotechnical anchorage engineering, there are three anti-corrosion systems according to different soil environments and engineering service life. The systems are based on the refined rolled thread bar, matched with centralizer, corrugated pipe, end cap, smooth plastic pipe and so on.

thread bar

n  DCP Expansion Shell Rock Bolt

MTS-BOLT is composed of steel rock bolt, hex nut, dome-shaped grouting adapter, domed plate, polyethylene sleeve, and expansion shell. MTS-BOLT is a typical combination mechanical bolt, which combines the advantages of immediate point anchorage and fully grouted, and has the characteristics of fast installation, simple grouting, rapid support, and good corrosion resistance. MTS-BOLT can be used as temporary support by installing expansion shell and be used as permanent support by post-grouting.


①  Combination of an immediate point anchorage and a fully grouted rock bolt.

Corrosion protection can be guaranteed by polyethylene sleeve, and the protrusions on the polyethylene sleeve can center the bolt in the hole.

Immediate point anchorage and rock reinforcement can be achieved after prestressing on the expansion shell.

Fast installation and flexible post-grouting.

Mechanical installation or manual installation.

Bare steel, hot-dip galvanizing or duplex coating rock bolt can be chosen (duplex coating combines the advantages of hot-dip galvanized and epoxy coated, and has good corrosion resistance).

n  DCP Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Self drilling anchor bolt is a bolting solution for broken or collapse soil formation, such as gravel, fills, sand etc., which can combine drilling and grouting function together.

Duplex coating rock bolt is a supporting method with better anti-corrosion effect, which combines hot-dip galvanizing method with epoxy coating method together, which hardens the surface and prevents coating from peeling off.

 dcp self drilling anchor bolt

Excellent anti-corrosion properties: As zinc is an active metal, after coating surface is damaged, it will protect the steel by battery effect.

Long service life: Zinc layer is consumed very slowly in the atmosphere, so its service life far exceeds that of any other coatings.

Full protection: As immersed into hot-dip galvanizing bathproducts are fully protected and anti-corrosion effect is better.

Lower price: In most cases, the hot-dip galvanizing cost is lower. Zinc coating is more durable than others, and does not require maintenance in the future.

High processing efficiency: Hot-dip galvanizing bath is simple and efficiency is higher than other coatings.

Not affect steel performance: Hot-dip galvanizing is carried out in an environment of more than 400 , and will not affect the performance and toughness of steel.


DCP Rock Bolts Applications


When the rock is used as a permanent support material, we need to consider the corrosion protection type. And the double corrosion protection rock bolts are the same as the ordinary rock bolts, and can also be used as micropiles, soil nails, rock bolt and ground anchor.


n  Micropiles

Such as anchoring of retaining walls, support of nuclear power plants, hydropower plants, etc.

n  Soil Nails

Such as retaining wall, embankment reinforcement, reinforcement of rock fall mesh, reinforcement of deep foundation

n  Ground Anchors

Such as abutment reinforcement, cable-stayed bridge foundation, slope reinforcement

 self drilling soil nail

As an ideal bolting solution for geological environments with rich groundwater or stray currents, DCP rock bolts have been widely used in various application fields such as tunnels, slopes, and hydropower stations. As a professional manufacturer of double anti-corrosion rock bolts, Sinorock has a variety of DCP rock bolts product lines, and can provide different solutions according to project requirements. If you want to know more about rock bolts, please contact sinorock@sinorockco.com for product information.

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