Soil nails - one application for self-drilling anchors

Self-drilling anchors are widely used in major projects due to their high efficiency, convenience, and good anchoring effect. Self-drilling anchors integrate drilling, grouting, and anchoring functions. According to geological conditions and construction environments, self-drilling anchors can be used as soil nails, rock bolts, micro piles, and ground anchors. Let’s get to know the soil nails today:

The loading for soil nails is based on the strength of the material, i.e. the soil, within which they are placed. The achievable loads of soil nails within the soil are generally low (30-150kN), hence there is no need to use anchoring materials with excessive tensile strength. Soil nailed slopes typically feature large quantities of soil nails. Therefore if a couple of nails fail within the lifespan of the works, there still has sufficient residual capacity within the overall solution to ensure the stability of the slope. Failed nails can be replaced under a maintenance regime by a small part of the construction.

Self-drilling anchors are ideal for soil nailing. As the soil is generally soft, the drill bit of the self-drilling rock bolt can penetrate relatively easily. Also, granular soils are often prone to collapse after drilling. The anchor bolt does not need to be taken out after drilling, which solves the problem of hole collapse. There is no need to use casing during construction, which not only improves construction efficiency but also reduces the overall cost.

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