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Anchoring support has been increasingly used in tunnel construction with the rapid development of China's economy. Ordinary mortar anchors and hollow grouting anchors are commonly used in tunnel arches in the past years. The grouting fullness cannot be detected since the grouting process is poured from bottom to top, which leads to the hidden danger to the construction and operation of railway tunnels. Compared with other bolts, the self-drilling anchors improve the grouting process and effectively solve the practical problem of insufficient grouting. Self-drilling anchors have been widely used in railway tunnel construction in recent years.

The continuous wave thread of the hollow bar conforms to international standards. It can be adapted to the same type of coupler and nut and can be cut and lengthened on request, which brings convenience to on-site construction. And the self-drilling anchor integrates drilling, grouting, and anchoring functions. Simultaneous grouting while drilling has achieved the effect of timely anchoring, which effectively avoids the hole collapse problem during reverse construction. When the grouting is completed, install the backing plate and nuts. Tighten the nut during installation to ensure that the plate is close to the rock surface. Installing the grout stopper in time to not only prevent the slurry overflow but also fix the anchor bar.

As a reliable supplier of tunnel support engineering, Sinorock's anchoring products have been used in more than 40 countries on 6 continents. We assist in the tunnel construction with our superb technology and professional services, thereby promoting the economic growth of countries and regions.

As a professional anchoring manufacture, our products contain self-drilling anchor system, anti-corrosion anchor system, and stainless-steel anchor system suitable for various construction geological conditions. With the support of a professional tunnel engineer team, Sinorock can solve all the problems in construction. For special geology, we provide system solutions for customers to improve tunnel construction efficiency and make project construction safer.

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