Self-drilling hollow bolts common application scenarios

 In recent years, with the increasing demand for rock and soil support, drilling equipment is also constantly updated and developed, while the cost of labor and lease increases and the requirement of construction period becomes higher and higher. In addition, the self-drilling hollow bolt has excellent anchoring effect under the geological conditions of easy hole collapse, which makes the self-drilling hollow bolt more and more widely used. The self-drilling hollow anchor is mainly used in the following scenarios:
1. Use as a pre-stressed anchor: instead of anchor cable, self-drilling hollow anchor rod is drilled to the required depth, then end grouting is carried out, and tensile force is applied after solidification.
2. Used as micro-pile: self-drilling hollow anchor rod can be drilled down to form micro-pile, which is often used in wind power station Tower Foundation, Transmission Tower Foundation, building foundation, retaining Wall Pile Foundation, Bridge Pile Foundation, etc.
3. Used for soil nailing: commonly used in slope support, instead of the conventional reinforced anchor, can also be used for deep excavation slope support.
4. For rock pitons: in some rock slopes or tunnels where the surface is weathered or the joints are seriously developed, the rock blocks can be bonded together by grouting after drilling with self-drilling hollow anchor rods to improve their stability, such as easy to collapse the road, the railway rock slope reinforcement, in the loose tunnel mouth can also replace the conventional pipe shed for reinforcement.
5. Strengthening infrastructure or disaster management. With the increase of the supporting time of the original rock and soil supporting system, some problems may appear in these supporting structures, which need to be reinforced or treated, such as the deformation of the original slope, the settlement of the original foundation, the uplift of the roadway surface, etc., the self-drilling hollow bolt can be used to drill into the ground of the original slope, foundation or roadway for grouting and consolidation of cracks to prevent geological disasters.
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