Self-drilling anchor system product introduction – hollow anchor bar

Self drilling anchor system integrates drilling, grouting, and anchoring. It is an efficient construction technology and is widely used in complex geological conditions such as weak surrounding rock, fault fracture zone, high ground stress, and large deformation.

Self-drilling anchor bar can be used as anchor rod and drill rod at the same time, and has the functions of drilling, lengthening, grouting and anchoring, which greatly simplifies the construction process and improves construction efficiency. Sinorock's self-drilling anchor bolt has the following characteristics:

1. Thread
The surface of anchor bar is continuous thread, which can be cut and connected on request and is convenient for construction. To meet customers' needs for different thread shapes, Sinorock designs and processes R-type and T-type threads simultaneously. R type thread is designed with reference to the ISO 10208 standard, which is mainly suitable for small diameter anchor bolts. T-type thread is enterprise standard thread, refer to the thread design of Refined Rolled Thread Bar System. Two thread types have full profile and strong adhesion to the grout, which improves the strength of anchor bolt system.

2. Specification
Sinorock has independently developed a large-diameter bolt thread rolling machine, which can process bolts with a maximum diameter of 200mm. The tensile strength ranges of anchor bolts from 200kN to 14000kN, which can meet the specifications and performance requirements of customers during construction.

3. Types
To meet customer's product requirements for different scenarios and different service life, Sinorock has designed a variety of self-drilling anchor systems. Ranging from stainless steel series suitable for anti-corrosion geology, low-carbon products with high impact requirements, conventional products suitable for mass market, and economical products with high-cost performance. Customers can choose according to their needs.

4. Structure
The chamfer at the end of anchor bar has a special design of right angle subjoin oblique angle, which is convenient to install coupler. And the sealing ring is just stuck in the bevel and not easy to be damaged, which can improve the sealing effect in the construction process. Furthermore, chamfer makes anchor bar and coupler can realize end-to-end connection, which improves the construction efficiency.

As the country's economy develops, there will be more and more infrastructure. Self-drilling anchor system based on its advantages in special formations and high efficiency of construction, will have greater application prospects.

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