3 Advantages of Self-drilling Pipe Roofing VS Traditional Pipe Roofing

Pipe roofing is mainly used in tunnel projects with weak and broken surrounding rock, such as highway and railway tunnels, subways, hydropower station tunnels and other underground projects. Self-drilling pipe roofing has been widely used as tunnel construction technology develops.

Traditional pipe roofs generally are seamless steel pipes, and common specifications are Φ76×6, Φ89×5, Φ108×6, Φ127×6, etc. Self-drilling pipe roof system consists hollow anchor bar, coupling sleeve and drill bit, which can be drilled and grouted at one time. Self-drilling pipe roof system can be replaced traditional pipe roofs in a variety of easily collapsed formations, and common specifications are R51, T76, T103, etc.


Compared with ordinary pipe roofs, self-drilling pipe roofs have the following 3 advantages:

1) High construction efficiency: The construction technology of traditional pipe roofs is drilling the hole, pulling out drill rod, inserting pipe roof, and finally grouting. Holes collapse may occur during construction in weak surrounding rock, which makes it difficult to insert pipe roof, therefore casing is required.

Self-drilling pipe roof system can solve the construction problems of hole collapse, sticking, and inability to insert ordinary pipe roof after drilling under the rock conditions of grade IV and V. High construction efficiency, convenient grouting and good grouting effect.


2) High security: Supporting with self-drilling pipe roof system features high support rigidity and small radial plastic deformation of the surrounding rock. After support, a bearing arch is formed, which effectively ensures the safety of tunnel boring and initial support.

3) Advance support: Self drilling pipe roof system plays the role of advanced support, which can effectively reduce surface settlement and prevent collapse of surrounding rock.

The R51*9.5, T76*10.5 and T76*12 self-drilling pipe roofs produced by Sinorock have been widely used in Zhengwan High-speed Railway, Zhangjihuai Railway, Yumo Railway, etc. They replaced the Φ76*6, Φ89*5, and Φ108*6 traditional pipe roofs, and have been fully verified by the project and praised by customers.

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