Self-drilling anchor system’s 4 advantages in anchoring

Self-drilling anchoring is a new type of anchoring technology that can adapt to various complex geological conditions and construction environments. The self-drilling anchor system performs drilling, grouting, and anchoring in a single operation. It has the advantages of simple construction technology, short construction period, high strength, and better economic benefits, which has been widely used in slopes, hydropower stations, tunnels, railways, etc.

Self-drilling anchor system is composed of hollow anchor bar, drill bit, nut, coupler, plate, centralizer, etc. It has the following unique advantages:

High construction efficiency:

The self-drilling anchor combines drilling, grouting, and anchoring functions, which simplifies the construction process and reduces the total cost of the project.

Good anchoring effect:

Self-drilling anchors simultaneously drilling and grouting, cement slurry will enter through the hollow pipe of the anchor bar, and then the anchor bar is consolidated with the rock and soil, which avoids the loss of slurry.

Construction in narrow places:

Low requirements for drilling equipment, and it can be constructed with a smaller drilling rig.

Adapt to various drill bits:

The anchor bar is suitable for a variety of drill bits, and different types are selected according to the soil and geology during construction. Drill bits keep the anchor bolts centered and form a uniform protective layer without taking out.

The self-drilling bolt system's advantages are recognized by many engineers and has become one of the principal supporting products in anchoring engineering. As a professional manufacturer of high-quality anchors in China, Sinorock has professional technicians, advanced production equipment, and provides comprehensive services. You are welcome to contact us at any time to get the best quotation for the full range of products. Should you have any questions about project construction, Sinorock technicians will provide targeted system solutions based on the engineering situation, to help you to complete project construction and make geotechnical anchorage engineering safer and more efficient.

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