Five advantages of using self drilling anchor bolts

The use of common hollow anchor bolts, rebar and casing construction and other supporting methods are widely used, but in recent years, self drilling anchor bolts have become more and more favored by construction parties. What is the reason? Today I will give you a brief introduction to the advantages of self drilling anchor bolts.

1. Strong applicability: hollow anchor bar can be connected with a variety of drill bits for drilling. The drill bits include EX drill bits, EXX drill bits, ESF drill bits, ESSF drill bits, clay drill bits, etc. Different types of drill bits can be selected for different geological conditions, and hollow anchor bar with different diameters can be matched with drill bits of different specifications.
2. High construction efficiency: construction process of common hollow bolts is: drill the hole-withdraw the drill pipe-insert the bolt-connect the grouting machine and grout, while the self drilling anchor bolts realize drilling and grouting integration with anchoring function greatly improves construction efficiency. According to project statistics, the drilling efficiency of latter can achieve a shift of 130-250m, depending on different geological conditions.
3. Simple structure: It is composed of hollow anchor bar, drill bit, coupler, nut and centralizer. The structure is relatively simple but construction when connected with a drilling rig and a grouting machine. In addition to installing, connecting the long self drilling bolt and operating the grouting machine, the number of personnel required for the construction is less, which saves labor costs.
4. Uniform grouting thickness and good anchoring effect: the centralizer is to ensure the anchor bar is always at the center of the hole during drilli, and the cement grout thickness around the rod keeps at least 20mm. If the anchor rod is not centered, the grout thickness along the anchor rod will be biased, resulting in uneven force of the anchor body, which will affect the anchoring effect.
5. Low requirements for construction conditions: It has drilling anchor bolts have realized the integration of drilling, grouting and anchoring functions, and can be constructed normally on various working platforms, especially in relatively narrow tunnels, underground, etc. In the space, self drilling anchor bolts can still be constructed normally, which is impossible for ordinary anchors.

Through the above introduction, I hope everyone has a fuller understanding of the advantages of self drilling anchor bolts. If you encounter problems during construction, please contact Sinorock, our technical team will provide you with customized system solutions to help you solve problems.

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