Sleeper Contract Awarded for Honam High-Speed Line

Rail.One has been awarded a contract to deliver more than half a million sleepers for a new high-speed line in South Korea.

The bi-block concrete sleepers will be installed on the 230 km Honam high-speed line, which branches off near Osong from the existing high-speed line, connecting it with the port city of Mokpo, in the southwest of Korea.

Production of the sleepers will take place in factories in Incheon and Cheonan, south of Seoul, which are jointly operated by Rail.One and Taemyung Industrial Co.

Rail.One has already installed sleepers on the Kyungbu Line section of the high-speed rail line from Seoul to Busan.

Jochen Riepl, chief executive of Rail.One, said: “We are most satisfied that we – together with our partner company Taemyung – were able to win this major contract.

“This award confirms our position as provider of internationally proven leading-edge technology.”

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