The Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Fendou Reservoir

October 22, 2015, the construction mobilization meeting of Fendou Reservoir was held in Muling City, Heilongjiang Province, which is one of 172 large-scale water conservancy projects in China.
Fendou Reservoir lies in the upstream of Muling River, whose drainage area is about 1740 square kilometers and it is an integrated large-scale water conservancy project, including urban water supply, agricultural irrigation, flood prevention, electricity generation and environmental water supply, etc.
The designed irrigation area of Fendou Reservoir is 123.6 thousand mu and total storage is 191 million cubic meters. After the construction of Fendou Reservoir, it predicts to supply water 88.18 million cubic meters and generate electricity 12.87 million kilowatt-hours, which will provide enough water resources for people downstream.
Government in Muling City pays high attention on the construction of Fendou Reservoir, and the total investment is about 810 million yuan.
During the flood season, most areas of China have suffered heavy losses, so as for reservoirs, solid and secure supporting action is necessary before construction. Recent years, self drilling anchor bolt is a new method for supporting global projects, which has been applied in several projects, such as civil construction, mining, hydroelectric station and tunneling.
Heilongjiang Province is located in the northernmost of China, it is very cold in winter. And it has two flood seasons: ice-melting in Spring and rainstorm in Summer. So reservoir is quite important for local people and the quality of projects is even more important. Self drilling anchor bolt can not only make construction more convenient and efficient, but also have effect for permanent supporting.

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