Sinorock® ISO quality audit work ended successfully

Sinorock® conducted annual audit of ISO9001 quality in May 2020. The audit experts were from France Bureau Veritas. Sinorock® put great attention and active cooperation and successfully passed this audit.

The audit was carried out sequentially in the head office, Luoyang branch, and Changzhou branch, covering multiple modules such as quality control, research and development, production, sales, procurement, etc. During the audit process, the audit experts approbated the standardization of our company's quality system management, and put forward useful improvement suggestions for some details.

In the conclusion meeting, the leader of Sinorock® specifically pointed out : "Experts recognized that our quality system management was normative, but some details still needed to be optimized continually, which represented a weak link in our work. Each department should combine the results of this audit, consider how to improve and formulate effective measures from point to surface, and continuously improve our quality management ability. " At present, all departments have actively formulated optimization proposals.

The ISO9001 certificate is not only a certificate for Sinorock®, but also an effective proof that the company adopts the ISO9001 quality system for product management and quality control. It signifies that the company has established a management system with operability and continuous improvement. Sinorock® insists on the audit of the ISO9001 quality system once a year, the purpose is to gradually advance on the quality improvement. Carry out quality control based on quality system standards, thereby enhancing the quality awareness of company employees and promoting the improvement of product quality.

In a highly competitive market environment, quality is self-evident for the development of an enterprise. To maintain sustained and healthy development, enterprises must pay attention to quality. Sinorock® believes that quality is a system, including product quality, service quality, work quality, and other modules. Therefore, our company has incorporated R & D, technology, procurement, and other modules into the quality system management, and formed a complete set of quality control standards. We have always firmly believed that the concept of "exploring the market with quality" can enable us to steadily improve in the industry. We devote to provide high-quality and reliable products, services and competitive geotechnical engineering solutions to better meet the demands of customers.

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