Sinorock organized staff to participate in fire knowledge training

Safety and quality are the eternal theme of industrial enterprises. Sinorock attaches importance to product quality, because product quality can protect customer construction safety, the same, the company also attaches importance to the safety of all employees.
Just over the quality month activities, on August 19, the company ushered in the Henan Provincial Fire Brigade instructors to lecture on the 2017-year special seminar on fire fighting knowledge. Sinorock organized all staff of Luoyang office area and Luoyang factory in the morning and afternoon respectively to attend the lecture. In the lecture, the real and brutal fire case are very alarming, all the staff carefully recorded the knowledge of the prevention of fire, and learned the skills of escape after a fire.
This fire knowledge training further enhances the safety awareness of the employees of Sinorock, which will be great benefit to the future work and production.

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