Sinorock®’s Quality-Month Summary Conference

Time is always in a hurry, as time goes by, the 2017 Sinorock quality month activity lasted for two months has come to an end. On August 1st, the 2017 Sinorock quality month summary conference was held at the Luoyang factory. The conference summed up the series activities of quality month, and rewarded employees who performed well. Refine the process, remove the bomb, CNC lathe race, the knowledge contest of quality, the quality squad and "find a waste point" drift bottle activity, etc were carried out in full swing during the quality month. All staff actively participated in related activities, focused on improvement, dug the blind spots and put forward their suggestions actively to strive for being "quality first person". The company has also made great rewards for employees and departments who have performed well during the quality month to encourage all employees to keep working enthusiastically, to attach great importance to quality all the time and improve brand reputation.
Nostalgia, June; Good bye, July; Hello, August. Although two months in a hurry, 2017 Sinorock quality month activity has also come to an end, we have seen the employees' high regard for quality control and the determination of the company to expand the market with quality. The end of the summary conference does not mean that Sinorock stops pursuing quality. There is a long way to go to pursuit quality, and Sinorock is always on the road!

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