What Is the Difference Between Casing Drilling And Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt

 During the construction of support projects, in the face of loose geology, the traditional support method is casing to drill into holes. As a new drilling technique, the self-drilling anchor bolt can be a good substitute for casing drilling, and the overall cost is lower. This blog will introduce the differences between casing drilling and self-drilling anchor bolt.


Casing Drilling Technology

There are many methods of casing drilling, which need to be comprehensively selected according to the type of drill rig, construction requirements, and formation conditions. Under normal circumstances, the casing is pressed while drilling, or the casing is pressed in ahead of time, and then the drilling tool follows. It is mainly divided into two methods: eccentric overburden casing drilling and symmetric overburden casing drilling, which are different in process principle. Casing drilling can prevent the hole wall from collapsing or the quicksand from filling the borehole during the drilling process, but the construction process is more complicated, and it is suitable for drilling loose strata and quicksand layers.


Construction Technology of Self-Drilling Anchor bolt

Self-drilling anchor bolts need to be inspected for the drill bit, hollow bar, and drill rig before starting construction. The hollow bar body is connected to the drill rig and grouting machine through a rotary grouting adapter. During construction, drilling rigs and grouting can be carried out at the same time. After grouting, install the plate and nuts to ensure the anchoring effect. Self-drilling anchor bolts are mainly suitable for difficult-to-form surrounding rock, stratum fragmentation, etc., and can enter a narrow space for construction to shorten the construction period.



The Difference Between Casing Drilling & Self-Drilling Anchor Bolts

1. The hollow anchor bar of the self-drilling anchor bolt can be cut arbitrarily and can also be lengthened by couplers. It can be constructed in a narrow space where large equipment cannot enter, and the construction is more convenient.

2. The casing pipe is omitted in the self-drilling anchor bolt construction process, which greatly improves the construction efficiency, shortens the construction period, and reduces the overall construction cost

3. The casing drilling grouting needs to put the anchor bars first and then connect them to the grouting machine. The self-drilling hollow bar can be connected to the grouting machine and the drilling rig through the rotary grouting adapter to realize the function of grouting while drilling.


The above is an introduction to the differences between casing drilling and self-drilling anchor bolt. From the construction techniques of the two, it can be seen that self-drilling anchor bolts can be grouted while drilling. For projects that require bolt grouting support, self-drilling anchor bolts are more convenient and efficient. Sinorock self-drilling anchor bolts can be used in construction engineering such as slope support, foundation support, tunnel pipe roofing, etc. Welcome contact at sinorock@sinorockco.com


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