The Trend of Geotechnical Anchorage Technology

The construction grows exponentially as the national economy develops. In an increasing number of construction projects, people put forward new requirements for its stability and safety. Geotechnical anchorage technology plays an important role in improving the stress of soil and enhancing the strength of rock mass and has been applied to many types of construction projects.

1、Applications range expanding
Geotechnical anchorage technology was first used in traffic tunnel construction projects. Single or multiple bolts were selected according to different engineering requirements and geology, such as friction bolts, self-drilling anchor bolts.

With the rapid development of conservancy hydropower and urbanization, geotechnical anchorage technology entered its heyday in the 1980s, which also marked that the geotechnical anchorage level in China entered a new stage of development. The most typical representative is the Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Station. The ship lock slope of the Three Gorges Dam is 1600m long and 165m high. It is located in granite geology, which requires partial reinforcement with high-strength anchor bolts. The application of geotechnical anchorage technology in the Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Station has prevented the collapse of unstable objects and improved the overall stability of the slope.

Geotechnical anchorage technology was also used during construction at the Bank of China headquarters in Beijing. Multi-row bolts were used as supporting structures to achieve 800kN capacity since the soil with weak gravel. The application of geotechnical anchorage technology controls the displacement range of the foundation pit within 30mm and successfully maintains its soil stability.

From the development trend of geotechnical anchorage technology, it will play an important role in more construction projects.

2、Norms and standards improving
The "Technical code for engineering of ground anchorages and shotcrete support" issued in the 1980s provided the operating standards for the anchoring technology. The "Soil anchor design and construction code" clearly stipulated its materials, design, construction, etc., and strictly standardized the qualified acceptance standard for anchor bolts. With the formulation and implementation of more and more industry norms, the future geotechnical anchorage technology will develop towards the direction of advanced technology, safe operation, and reasonable economy.

The extensive application of geotechnical anchorage technology promotes the appearance of new construction materials and technologies, which lays a solid foundation for the long-term development of anchoring technology. By scientifically analyzing and reasonably solving the existing problems in the current anchorage technology to promote wide application in the construction field.

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