3 Types of Self Drilling Soil Nailing Construction Equipment

Soil nails are slender rods that are placed in the in-situ soil at a relatively close interval, usually wrapped in cement mortar or grout, and contact with the surrounding soil along the entire length, acting as a group. The surrounding soil forms a body, and when the soil is deformed, the soil is reinforced through the cohesive force or friction on the contact interface with the soil. In the traditional sense, steel bars are often used as soil nails, so the supporting construction equipment is relatively mature. So what construction equipment is there for self-drilling soil nailing? Next, Sinorock will introduce the equipment used for self-drilling anchor bolts as soil nails.

Crawler Hydraulic Anchor Drilling Rig

The crawler hydraulic anchor drilling rig is fully hydraulically controlled, and the hydraulic valve group is imported from Italy. It can carry out high-frequency impact and high-speed rotation, which can work stable, reliable and high efficiency. The back punching function is standard, which effectively solves the problem of drill sticking during the drilling process.

hydraulic drill

Features and Benefits

It is especially suitable for construction under complex geological conditions (broken rock formation, loose rock-soil layer, etc.), such as clay, silty clay, especially the geology that is difficult to form holes such as soil interbedded with rocks, miscellaneous fill, and pebbles.

Drilling methods are diversified. According to different geology, when constructing self-drilling bolts, rotary drilling or rotary percussion drilling is used.
Drilling and grouting are carried out simultaneously, and the grout effectively fills rock fissures. The diameter of the anchoring body is large and the anchoring effect is good.
The maximum lifting height is 3.3 meters, the construction work area is large, and multiple rows of holes can be drilled at one time.
Drilling, grouting, and anchoring can be completed at one time, which simplifies the construction steps, and the construction efficiency is 4-5 times that of steel bars, anchor cables, etc., thereby reducing the overall cost.

Excavator Rock Drill

Excavator rock drill is also called full hydraulic drilling excavator. It is modified by removing the bucket and connecting hydraulic rock drill using the excavator's built-in oil circuit of hammer. Its components include hydraulic rock drill, hydraulic control system, feed system and excavator platform.
Excavator rock drill can be used for the installation of self drilling anchor bolts, combining drilling, grouting and anchoring functions together. It is widely used in slope engineering, tunnel engineering, ground and foundation engineering, hydraulic engineering, road bridge engineering, etc.,

excavator rock drill

Features and Benefits

It can adapt to a variety of operating terrains, especially in complex working conditions such as large slopes, limited space and undulating terrain.

It adopts hydraulic rock drill with large rotational torque, which can carry out high-frequency rapid impact and fully improve drilling efficiency. The drilling speed can reach 1m/min on the rock with hardness of 8-9 degrees, and the maximum can reach 2m/min.

With high-speed drilling capability, it can be applied to rock conditions above hardness of 7 degrees (such as solid sandstone, limestone, solid conglomerate, iron ore, granite, etc.).

Use with self drilling anchor bolts, combining drilling, grouting and anchoring functions together. It is especially suitable for construction conditions of weak surrounding rock, sand and pebble layer, stone soil, weathered rock and other easy collapse conditions.

High Slope Rock Drill

The high slope rock drill is mainly used for drilling support equipment for high slope anchoring projects for landslides and dangerous rock mass reinforcement in the prevention and control of geological disasters. It adopts a split structure and is mainly includes guide rails (including power heads) and hydraulic power stations and operating.It has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, and easy handling and transportation.

high slope rock drill

Features and Benefits

The construction site has strong adaptability, and the equipment is easy to move, transport, install and disassemble, especially suitable for construction on high slopes or narrow spaces where large equipment is difficult to enter and exit.
Full hydraulic control, impact, rotation, advance and retreat are all driven by the hydraulic system, with high drilling force and low noise.

The drilling efficiency is high, combined with the self drilling anchor bolt construction technology, the functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring can be completed at one time.

The above are three different types of self drilling soil nailing construction equipment. After multiple application projects, the equipment has the advantages of high efficiency and low price in the construction site of soil nailing. Welcome to consult more about self drilling anchor bolts and issues related to its construction equipment.

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