Self-drilling anchor bolt used for soft geological slope support

With the development of urban underground space, there are more and more deep foundation projects. Traditional slope anchoring method cannot meet the requirements of slope stability when it meets complicated geological conditions, especially soft soil, sand and pebble stratum. And the porosity is low in the construction, which causes great pressure for grouting anchoring in the later period and greatly increases the construction cost.

One of the Jinan Railway Bureau residential building project design life of 50 years, six degrees of seismic fortification. The structure is the shear wall structure, with the pile-raft foundation, and the base deep is 10.65 meters. 4-7 meters below the ground on the north side of the project is soft soil with an average thickness of 1.9 meters.

As a new anchoring technology, self drilling anchor bolt can adapt to various complicated geological conditions and environments, especially in soft soil. Self drilling anchor bolt is composed of hollow bar, bit, nut, plate, coupler and centralizer. It has the following advantages:
  • High construction efficiency
Self drilling anchor bolt integrates drilling, grouting and anchoring together. Hollow bar is using as the drill pipe and grout pipe, which makes complete construction in one process, saving construction period and improving efficiency.
  • Applicable to soft soil layer
Self drilling bolt does not need to be taken out after drilling, which avoids the hole collapse caused by pulling out the hollow bar and solving the problem of easy collapse in the construction of soft soil layer.
  • Strong adaptability
Self drilling anchor bolt has continuous wave thread, can be cut or lengthened on request. It can be elongated by using couplers and also applying in narrow spaces.
  • Good anchoring effect
During grouting, the cement slurry is injected upward from the bottom of the hole, making full grouting in the hole and ensuring the anchoring effect.

In general, self drilling anchor bolt not only increases the construction length but also avoids the inefficiency of hole formation in the pre-hole process, which makes the anchor bolt and the soil more closely combined. Self drilling anchor bolt has excellent advantages in construction procedure, drilling quality and efficiency, which brings high efficiency, good economic and social benefits for engineering construction. It fully shows that self drilling anchor bolt has wide applicability in soft geological slope support. 

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