How do You Know about Self-drilling Anchor Bars


The self-drilling anchor bar's thread is designed as a through-body continuous thread, and this design is instrumental in realizing arbitrary cutting connections. This means that these threads run continuously along the entire length of the anchor bar, allowing for flexible and custom connections. The continuous thread design makes it easy for construction professionals to cut the anchor bar to the desired length while maintaining the integrity of the threaded connection. This convenience is a significant advantage in various construction scenarios, where adaptability is key.

One of the key aspects of the thread design is the ability to meet the diverse demands of customers. To address this, companies like Sinorock have developed and processed two main types of threads simultaneously: R-type and T-type threads.

R-type threads are designed with reference to the ISO 10208 standard. They are primarily suitable for small-diameter self-drilling anchor systems. The reference to this standard ensures that R-type threads adhere to recognized industry norms, providing consistency and reliability for smaller diameter anchor bolts.

T-type threads, on the other hand, are enterprise-standard threads designed with reference to the threads of fine-rolled threaded steel bars. These threads are full of teeth, ensuring a strong adhesion to the slurry. The robust connection formed by T-type threads enhances the overall strength of the anchoring system, making them ideal for more substantial construction applications.



At the core of Sinorock's anchor bar structure is the specially designed chamfer at the bar's end. This chamfer takes the form of a right angle combined with a beveled angle. This design serves multiple essential purposes in the construction process.

First and foremost, the right angle and beveled angle chamfer make the installation of the anchor bar remarkably convenient, especially when used with couplers. This streamlined installation process reduces the time and effort required for construction, contributing to overall project efficiency.

Another crucial advantage of this chamfer design is its positive impact on sealing effectiveness. By incorporating a sealing ring that fits snugly into the beveled angle, the risk of damage to the sealing ring during installation is minimized. This not only improves the sealing effect during construction but also enhances the long-term durability and reliability of the anchor system.

Furthermore, the structure of Sinorock's anchor bars, in combination with the coupler, enables the connection of anchor bar ends to each other. This feature significantly reduces the loss of force along the length of the anchor bar. The reduced force loss enhances the overall performance of the anchor system, ensuring that it can reliably meet the load-bearing requirements of the construction project.


Our independent research and development has a large diameter anchor rolling machine, that can process anchor bar diameter up to 200mm, and anchor bar tensile force from 200kN to 14000kN ranging from the customer construction of specifications and performance needs.


In order to meet the customer's demand for products in different scenarios and with different service life, Sinorock has different series of self-drilling anchor system products to choose from, both stainless steel products suitable for corrosion-resistant geology and low carbon products with high impact requirements, both conventional products suitable for the mass market and more cost-effective economic products, so that the customers can choose according to their own needs.


Sinorock's commitment to innovative design ensures that its anchor bars are well-suited to the demands of modern construction projects. As a professional manufacturer of self-drilling anchor bolts, Sinorock's team boasts years of experience in providing complete geotechnical engineering services. If you have any needs or questions about self-drilling anchor systems, please feel free to contact us at for expert guidance and top-quality anchor bolt solutions.

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