How to Choose A High-quality SDA Bolt System?

In tunnel support, slope support, and foundation support, some construction companies will choose self-drilling anchor bolts. However, when it comes to SDA bolts, many people are not familiar with, didn’t know how to choose high-quality SDA bolts. Today, Sinorock wants to tell you that the selection of SDA bolts depends on these parameters.

First of all, the choice of drill bolt depends on its hole diameter, that is, how big a hole can be drilled.
For example, in most foundation pit support projects, there are specific requirements for the diameter of the bolt hole. If the hole diameter of the self-drilling bolt fails to meet this requirement, the proper anchoring effect and supporting effect cannot be guaranteed, and hidden dangers will be buried in the later stage of the project. Therefore, the borehole diameter of self-drilling bolts is a very important parameter. As far as the current domestic self-drilling bolt manufacturers are concerned, the drilling diameter of self-drilling bolts is between 25mm and 200mm, but few manufacturers can achieve the diameter range of self-drilling bolts produced by themselves. can cover this range.

sda bolt system drill bits
Secondly, the choice of drill bolt depends on its drilling depth.
In many construction projects, in order to ensure the support effect, the self-drilling bolt needs to be drilled into a large depth. Under normal circumstances, in order to achieve the ideal anchoring effect, the drilling depth of the self-drilling bolt should reach 15~20m, or even deeper. To reach this depth, the material requirements for the self-drilling bolt itself, the requirements for construction equipment-anchor drilling rigs, etc. are very high. At present, some companies claiming to be self-drilling bolt manufacturers in the market, the drilling depth of their products mostly fails to meet the design requirements.
Thirdly, the choice of drill bolt depends on its tensile yield strength/tensile yield strength.
Self-drilling bolts are used to support buildings or rock and soil, and of course, the ultimate load and yield load determine their performance. Due to different materials and different inner and outer hole diameters, the tensile yield force of self-drilling bolts is quite different. Take the self-drilling bolts with diameters of 52 and 76 as an example. The tensile strength and yield force of the former are 929kN and 730kN, respectively, while the latter is as high as 1900kN and 1500kN, which is more than twice as high. Therefore, the appropriate self-drilling bolt should be selected according to the design requirements, which can save the construction cost while meeting the requirements.

Sinorock is a professional manufacturer of self-drilling bolts in China. The self-drilling anchor bolts it produces are equipped with a variety of drill bits. The diameter of the hole is between 25mm and 300mm, and the drilling depth can reach 30~40m. It can meet various engineering support needs, and customers across the country are welcome to consult at any time.

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