Clay Drill Bit: The Ultimate Choice for Rock Bolts in Clay Drilling

Understanding the Self-Drilling Anchor System

Self-drilling anchor system integrates drilling, grouting and anchoring, which is a kind of efficient construction product, commonly used in complex geological conditions such as weak surrounding rock, fault fracture zones, high geopathic stresses and large deformations.
Self-drilling anchor system is a disposable product, when drilling to the design depth, the drill bit will stay in the hole, so it is necessary to consider the force requirement of the drill bit and choose the appropriate drill bit according to the geological conditions. Match the drill bit with the lower price while ensuring drilling quality and efficiency.

The Challenge of Clay in Drilling

Clay, often described as sticky mud, belongs to the mudstone category and has a tendency to swell when exposed to water. When drilling anchor rods in clay-rich formations, the clay can easily enter the hollow anchor bar, leading to clogs and operational complications. This challenge is particularly prevalent in coal mine excavation, where these soil conditions are frequently encountered. The difficulty in drilling not only reduces construction efficiency but also impacts the overall project timeline.

Enhancing Efficiency and Quality with Clay Drill Bits

To address these challenges and ensure both drilling efficiency and bit longevity, Sinorock has undertaken extensive research and experimentation in designing clay drill bits for the self-drilling anchor system. Their efforts have culminated in the development of drill bits with the right structure and size to not only increase drilling speed but also minimize wear and tear. This focus on longevity ensures that the drill bits deliver a reliable and consistent performance.self-drilling-anchor-bar-with-different-drill-bits

Features of Sinorock's Clay Bits

Sinorock's clay bits designed for the self-drilling anchor system boast several distinctive features that make them ideal for clay, soft soil, sand, gravel, mixed fill, and similar geological conditions. These features include:

1. Four Large Wing Plates

The inclusion of four large wing plates on the skirt body of the bit reduces the overall weight of the drill bit while simultaneously enhancing chip removal. This design significantly contributes to the efficiency of the drilling process.

2. Reinforcing Rib Design

To fortify the wing plates, Sinorock has incorporated a reinforcing rib design. This added structural element increases the strength of the wing plates, making the drill bit more robust and durable.

3. Heat Treatment

The entire drill bit undergoes a heat treatment process, boosting the hardness of the wing plate. This hardness improvement translates directly to enhanced drilling efficiency and, consequently, quicker progress on the construction site.

4. Special Water Hole Design

Sinorock has meticulously designed the water holes in the drill bit, ensuring optimal chip removal during the drilling process. Efficient chip removal is critical in maintaining drilling speed and quality.

How Clay Bits Operate

Sinorock's clay bits for the self-drilling anchor system are hardened drill bits without TC inserts. During drilling, they break through rock and soil through rotary impacts driven by the drilling rig. The presence of flushing holes in the drill bit allows for the passage of water, cement slurry, or compressed air, depending on the specific application. In clay-rich geology, using cement slurry for drilling and grouting serves a dual purpose: it penetrates the soil while protecting the borehole walls. During grouting, the slurry flows from the bottom of the hole through the water holes in the drill bit to the hole opening, ensuring uniform grout distribution. The drill bit plays an additional role in keeping the anchor bar centered and maintaining consistent grout thickness. After the cement slurry sets, the drill bit also contributes to anchoring the ground, adding to the overall stability of the construction.


In complex geological conditions, such as clay-rich formations, selecting the right drill bit for the self-drilling anchor system is pivotal to construction success. Sinorock's commitment to innovation and quality shines through in their drill bits for the self-drilling anchor system. These are not only designed to excel in clay-rich formations but also offer a broad spectrum of types and sizes. This flexibility empowers customers to select the perfect drill bit to match various geological conditions and hole size requirements, ensuring a tailored approach to every construction project. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us at

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