6 points of Sinorock SDA in tunnel construction

Anchor bolt is one of the primary supporting tools for maintaining the stability of surrounding rock to ensure construction safety. Anchor bolts can function as a permanent support structure. In recent years, self-drilling anchor bolts have been widely used in tunnel support engineering. It combines drilling, grouting, and anchoring functions, which avoids the slurry from overflowing. Moreover, the surface of the hollow bar has continuous wave thread that can fully contact with mortar, which avoids the possibility of corrosion and achieves the purpose of long-term support. The installation process is also very convenient, which can directly install accessories such as domed plates and nuts without machining thread on site. More construction builders choose the self-drilling hollow anchor bar because it is simple, fast, and efficient. Of course, the completion of the construction is inseparable from every detail. Only by controlling every step in the process can the project construction be safer.

Therefore, 6 details need to be noted during the construction:

1. Hole measurement
Design drawings according to different surrounding rock conditions, lay holes according to the design spacing, and pay attention to mark the two rows of anchor holes to determine the location.

2. Drill holes
Drilling with excavating trolley and the drilling direction should be perpendicular to the rock face. The depth and diameter of the hole should meet the design requirements. The hole diameter is generally 15mm longer than the rod diameter.

3. Hole inspection and cleaning
Thoroughly clean the borehole with high-pressure air before installing the anchor bar.

4. Anchor bolt installation
Before installation, check whether the hollow bar is unimpeded to avoid blockage by foreign objects. The length of the anchor bar should meet the design requirements. Check the anchor bolts, the number is 3% of the total number, and not less than three.

5. Anchor bar grouting
Check the grouting equipment, connect the grouting pipe, configure the slurry, and start the grouting pump until the slurry overflows from the periphery of the stopper.

6.Install the domed plate and tighten the nut
The concave surface is close to the rock surface when installing the domed plate. When the rock surface is uneven, fill it with M10 mortar. Finally, tighten the nut with a wrench when the slurry solidifies.

During the construction, there might be various unexpected situations. As a professional anchor bolt manufacturer, Sinorock produces a variety of self-drilling rock anchors to adapt to different geological conditions. In addition, our engineers customize the construction plan according to the project and go into the construction site to solve the construction problems for customers, which makes the project construction safer and more efficient. 

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