Anchor bolt' 5 methods to avoid corrosion

Geotechnical anchoring technology is an effective technique that uses the high tensile strength of steel to stabilize rock or soil layers and improve geotechnical stability. The building service life is related to the anchor durability. Three factors may affect the durability of the anchor bolt: material, construction process, and environmental corrosion, of which the environmental corrosion is the most important.

Environmental factors are mainly refer to the corrosion of groundwater to metal materials. The types of corrosion mainly include general corrosion, localized corrosion, and stress-induced corrosion. The corrosion affects the service life of the anchor bar and the overall construction cost. If the corrosion is serious, it may even cause safety problems.

Therefore, the anchor bar should be isolated and insulated. Avoid contact of the anchor bolt with water and air to improve its long-term chemical stability. Below are five matters that need to be paid attention to prevent corrosion of the anchor bar:

1.Find out the corrosive nature and degree of geology;

2.The hollow bar in the aggressive formation should adopt duplex coating anti-corrosion, and the thickness of the cement slurry protective layer should not be less than 20 mm;

3.Use pressure dispersion anchors as much as possible;

4.Anchor rods using steel wire and steel hinge wire as prestressed ribs, the locking load should not exceed 60% of the standard value of the tensile strength of the rib material;

5.The gap between the joint of the hollow bar and the bit must be refilled again.

Sinorock® has been focusing on the research of anti-corrosion of anchor bolts, to meet customers’ demand. There are two different combined protecting ways, together on the surface of the anchor bolt and accessories, which are hot-dip galvanizing and epoxy coating. During production, put the anchor bar into a bath of molten zinc which reacts with the iron and forms a coating and to prevent rusting; Epoxy coating doesn’t react with acid, alkali. And it can separate water, oxygen, chloride, and another corrosive medium. Meanwhile, it also creates an electric insulation layer that can insulate the electric current between steel bar and outside conditions, which can reach the good result of corrosion prevention. The double anti-corrosion self-drilling anchor bolt produced by Sinorock® effectively solves the problem of groundwater and chemical medium corrosion in construction geology in permanent support projects, such as hydropower stations and tunnels. The products have been exported to more than 40 countries on 6 continents, and have been widely used in slope, foundation, and tunnel engineering.

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