The First Ecological Overwater Highway in China

August 9, 2015, the highway from Gufu Town to Zhaojun Bridge (Guzhao Highway in the following) in Hubei Province was officially opened to traffic. It is the first ecological overwater highway in China.

To avoid destroying local mountains and forests, 4 kilometers of this road was built in valley and stream. Since starting working in 2013, it was more concerned by people. It is the only overwater highway in Hubei Province and the first ecological overwater highway in China. Because of its special location, it was called Overwater Highway and because of both sides’ scenery, it was also called The Most Beautiful Overwater Highway.

Guzhao Highway is an important passage from Yichang-Badong Expressway to Xingshan County, it is a second grade and two-lane highway, overall length is about 10.9 kilometers and it was designed 60 kilometers per hour. It includes two big bridges: Xiangxi River Bridge and Gufu River Bridge. After its accomplishment, it will only cost 2 hours from Xingshan to Yichang.

The technical director of Guzhao Highway expressed that there were three schemes for constructing this highway at the beginning: tunnel, road and bridge. The first two schemes should go through 60,000 square meters’ mountain, they will destroy forests, adding complicated local terrain, so building bridge is chosen.

For now, this highway is a bright spot for tourism, because it combines project with natural scenery. Of course, it is convenient for people’ life and will bring benefit to local people.

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