Chinese village reconstruction won the world construction award

At the 10th annual World Architecture Festival in Berlin the demonstration project on post-earthquake reconstruction for the Guangming Village in China has been declared World Building Award of the 2017. This project was designed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Suffered the Ludian earthquake in 2014, most of the local buildings in the Guangming Village were heavy destroyed. This new project reinvented the traditional building technology and provided the local villagers a safe, economical, comfortable and sustainable reconstruction scheme that they can afford it and pass on their children. To verify the performance and features of the new system, a prototype house was built for an old couple. The judges believed that this is an impressive project and can be an excellent example in solving the underlying problems facing ordinary people. It is the reuse of the traditional materials and the construction methods, but also combines with new technology, it is the combination of the ancient wisdom and the modern technology.
With the development of economy and the society, the construction technology is also always developing, in order to meet the demands of the modern construction engineering. The self drilling anchor bolt is a kind of constantly developing construction measure that performs drilling, anchoring and grouting in a single operation. The main feature of this tool is the application of the single-use drill bit in combination with the hollow anchor bolt being used as a drill steel. For different ground conditions there different choices of drill bits. The self drilling anchor bolt works well in almost all kinds of ground conditions, including weak rocks, loose soil, weathered layer, sand with stone layer and geological conditions that is difficult to create a hole. It is mainly used for the slope stabilization or the foundation with micropiles and tunneling, also it is widely used in the railway system, metro projects and so on.

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