The Anchoring Quality of Self Drilling anchor Bolt

With the construction of underground projects, the integrity of surrounding rocks has been broken, adding with weathering and crushed zone, it is easy to collapse. So self drilling anchor bolt has been widely used, it can create great effect on anchoring and restraining weathering by ejecting concrete. This kind of method can improve the whole carrying capacity of surrounding rocks and prevent collapse. It needs to be verified that anchoring quality of self drilling anchor bolt has direct effect on the integral carrying capacity of surrounding rocks.

The anchoring technology of self drilling anchor bolt can raise surrounding rocks’ intensity and stability. It has advantages of easy to operate, low cost, safety and promptness, etc, which has brought attention in the field of mining industry and geotechnical engineering. Self drilling anchor bolt is a kind of supporting structure of high-rise buildings, its integrity and impermeability has little effect on surrounding environment and it has strong adaptability for stratum conditions. So far, self drilling anchor bolt has been widely used in China.

The quality of self drilling anchor bolt has two main indexes: anchoring force and anchoring status.

Anchoring force is a binding force between self drilling anchor bolt and surrounding rocks. The anchoring force is bigger, the product is more reliable and the effect is better. Drawing force is the best testing method.

Anchoring status refers to the length of anchorage section, length of free section, compactness and construction deficiency, etc. Because of the influence of materials, construction and geological conditions, there exist many deficiencies during the construction and usage of self drilling anchor bolt.

To avoid these deficiencies, engineering accident and economic loss, the anchoring quality of self drilling anchor bolt is quite important.

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