Summary Conference on Quality Month in Sinorock

Quality is the life of company. It concerns with company’s benefit and even its future. Sinorock held the summary conference about Quality Month on September 7, 2015.

Quality Month lasted for three months from June to August, 2015. It divided into three stages: propaganda and mobilization, popularization and implementation, evaluation and summary.

At the beginning of this activity, every department drew up their own plan and slogan. Mobilization meeting was held at Luoyang factory. Every staff signed his name on the banner to show his determination.

During popularization and implementation stage, we did several training and testing activities to enhance staffs’ quality consciousness and improve quality of our products, such as relearning company’s institution, improving technology, skill competition, certification awarded and propagandizing. Every staff had participated in these activities, and they had enhanced themselves largely.

Three-month activity has been ended, but quality consciousness is still in every staff’s mind and we will reflect it on our work. Sinorock will enhance products’ quality, meet customers’ demand, improve technology constantly and then make perfection.

Quality is the life of our company. Only controlling conducts’ quality, can our company have a bright future.

Summary Conference on Quality Month in Sinorock

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