Congratulations to the staff for publishing the paper in Tunnel Construction

Congratulations to Sinorock® employee for publishing the paper "Numerical Analysis of Nut and Anchor for Threaded Connection Based on ANSYS Workbench" in the journal of Tunnel Construction.

As for the research on the strength of the nut and the anchor bar, most of them focus on the analysis of the mechanism between the anchor system and the concrete or surrounding rock in the engineering application. The research on the fit and strength between the accessories and rods, especially the R-shaped hollow anchor bar is relatively less and lagging. In order to explore the strength characteristics of the R-shaped thread connection, Sinorock® employee take R32 bolts and hex nuts produced by our company as the research objects, to achieve the establishment and analysis of numerical model of R-type screw connection, basing on ANSYS Workbench and SolidWorks.

The simulation was performed from two different aspects: one is to adjust the fit clearance to clarify the influence on the mechanical properties of the bolt and nut joint; the second is to analyze the stress and deformation of the nut and the bolt by changing the length of the nut. For two scenarios, the employee conducted repeated simulation experiments, constantly adjusting the value of a single variable to determine the optimal experimental data. In addition to using ANSYS Workbench for simulation analysis, he also performed lab tensile test. In the end, the test values had a good correspondence with the ANSYS Workbench analysis results. The results show that by controlling or improving related factors such as nut length and fit clearance, the best form of thread connection between anchor and nut can be obtained. The study provides a certain theoretical guidance for determining the matching conditions for SMEs after a large number of trials.

The staff's research on technology reflects Sinorock® "focus on professional" value. Sinorock® adheres to the purpose of focus-professional-expert, focuses on research in the field of geotechnical anchoring, and continues to provide competitive solutions for global geotechnical anchor engineering, making engineering construction safer and more efficient.

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