Sinorock Successfully Held Annual Meeting

A new chapter opened by the alternation of seasons. On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, Sinorock held a grand annual meeting in Luoyang, China. Many partners and all the staff of Sinorock attended this banquet. 
A well-made and full of scientific and technological sense of corporate video opened the curtain of the annual meeting. With the proud and enthusiastic applause of all employees, the leaders and key partners of Sinorock came to the stage in turn to give New Year's speech, to talk about their expectations and pride of Sinrock. 
2018 is a year of fruitful harvest for Sinorock, which cannot be separated from the hard work of every member of the Sinorock family. After the speech, the leaders of Sinorock awarded honorary certificates and prizes to outstanding members of Sinorock, affirming their achievements and commending them. 
Wonderful programs and performances are indispensable in an excellent annual meeting. After the award ceremony, Sinorock people show their special skills and bring audience an unparalleled audio-visual feast. A youthful and vigorous opening dance light the atmosphere of the venue. Gentle chorus of lyric song, dynamic and lovely calabash baby dance. A variety of carefully arranged programs are overwhelming, and there are lucky draw and interactive games boiling all over the venue. 
After the joyful show time, the annual meeting ended in a grand banquet. Sinorock will embark on a new journey of 2019. In the new year, we will stick to our dream and keep beliefs, keep working hard together as before.

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