Focus on Improvement, Promote Quality

Annual quality-month activity in Sinorock® has been officially started. The topic of this activity is “Focus on Improvement, Promote Quality”. During the June and July, all staff of Sinorock® will unite to improve the quality of products, which will create a good scene that everyone pays attention to quality and strengthen the concept of quality assurance.
The activity was held by Sinorock® aims at intensifying quality awareness of everyone, heightening people’s positivity of products quality construction and enhancing our own agglomeration and competition force. It will remind us to keep original intention and make our product with higher quality.
Sinorock® always insists putting the quality on top one and remember our mission of “safer space, better life”. From purchasing raw material to products delivery, we arrange professional people to check every step. Our products have been awarded third party detection certification, approved by authoritative organization. The self drilling anchor bolt produced by Sinorock® has been used by some projects and achieved great reinforcement effect. Our products have been highly recognized and appreciated by customers.
In the future, we hope to service for more global customers and provide safety guarantee for more projects.

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