Safety and Health Activity in Sinorock

October 10, Sinorock implemented an activity about Safety and Health. Du Yong, as the member of Henan National Health Promotion Association, brought us a wonderful lecture. The mitigation measures of emergency situation and occupational disease were demonstrated on the spot, which brought us great help.

At present, compared with developed countries, the consciousness of safety and health is weaker in China. The ability of self-saving and other-saving is not enough. But we all know that health is the foundation of our work and life. Knowing the basic health knowledge can not only sustain and promote our health conditions, but also provide guarantee for our daily life.

When we encounter emergency situation, someone suffers from danger, most of us are helpless, only to call 120. What we don’t know is that the time is very important during this period, but we are wasting it. It is even an invisible criminal phenomenon.

Why are we helpless when encountering this emergency situation? The answer is that we lack the common sense of saving others. Teacher Du presented us the correct method of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), including artificial respiration and chest compression.

We, as clerk in company, stay in office for a whole day, and we always feel unwell. It brings us a kind of hidden danger. Except for the regular work and rest, Teacher Du presented acupoint massage for us. It will have a good effect on relieving fatigue, preventing occupational diseases and daily health-caring.

The work is important for us, health and life is even more important. Hope everyone have a healthy and happy life.

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