Zhao Kang —— An Enthusiastic and Optimistic Staff in Sinorock®

As a staff of Quality Department in Sinorock, Zhao Kang is doing inspection work, just like others. Since March, 2014, he had worked here and dedicated to quality inspection. His effort is obvious to all of us. So now, let’s to know more about him.

Shell: About the quality inspection work, could you explain it to us?
Zhao: I was firstly doing routing inspection and now delivery inspection. The first one focuses on process control, you can find and adjust problems once they appear. The latter one is the last examination of products before delivery, it strengthens guarantee and ensures products fully qualified. So, I think quality inspection is to prevent rather than govern.

Shell: What character do you think the most important one during inspection?
Zhao: Carefulness, staidness and responsibility are all important characters for inspection work. With the addition of staff’s self-checking, it’s no problem to guarantee products’ quality. That’s why I think I have a little obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially for inspection report, I often check it again and again.

Shell: What interests do you have in your spare time?
Zhao: I have wide range of interests and hobbies in my spare time: surfing the Internet, playing basketball, climbing mountains and taking photos, etc. Although not proficient, I am very happy. And there are many tourist attractions around Changzhou, so I highly recommend our customers to come here. And I am very happy to show you around.

Shell: Thanks for your enthusiasm. If there is opportunity, I will go to Changzhou and have a trip. Hope you stick to your own and grow up happily in Sinorock.
Zhao: Thank you all the same.

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