Xu Liang —— A Responsible and Principled Quality Inspector

Xu Liang, a quality inspector of Quality Department in Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd.. As for products’ quality, he has his own opinions. He is also a sober, diligent and responsible person. Now, let’s come closer to him and know more about him. 
Shell: When did you join Sinorock®and what are you responsible for?
Xu:I joined Sinorock®in March, 2014. So far, I have learned a lot in our company. My routine work is to test and inspect the quality of our anchor bolt products, ensuring that every process meets with customers’ standards and demands.
Shell: What’s your opinion about quality?
Xu:Quality is produced by workers, not tested by inspectors. Everyone be responsible and attentive, the quality of our products can reach a higher level. Details need to be more noticed, once you form a habit, it becomes natural to you. 
Inspecting products is not the last link of production, but a constituent part of processing chain. Only guaranteed every process qualified, an integrated product can be completely finished.
Shell: Quality is important to products and the property of your job seems quite significant. But what will you do when you encounter a problem?
Xu:When I encounter a problem about products’ quality, first, I compare the actual data with the standard; then, I analyze reasons with operator together; third, I will record and supervise the completion of order on time. 
Shell: What characters do you think are necessary for you?
Xu:Because of the work property of inspector, I think carefulness, earnestness, strictness and responsibility are very important to me. Products’ quality concerns not only with our order, but also with company’s reputation and even its future development. So these characters are specially significant to quality inspectors.
Shell: You are so concentrated during the working time, while in the spare time, what do you often do to relax yourself?
Xu:After one-day work, usually it is too busy, so after work, I usually play ball games with friends or drive myself to see different scenery. I enjoy my life very much and I think it is very meaningful!
Shell: Thank you for your cooperation. Hope your life get better and better!
Xu: Thank you!

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