Simple and Family-Oriented Staff ---- Bai Yafei

Bai Yafei is an ordinary whirlwind milling operator in Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd.. Through this interview, his optimism, simpleness and family-oriented spirit have left deep impression on me. Today, let’s know more about him.

Shell: When did you join Sinorock and what are you responsible for?
Bai: I joined Sinorock in June, 2014. And I am responsible for processing accessory of our product ---- self drilling hollow anchor bolt. My job is directly related to product quality, so I should work carefully with heart and soul. I strictly demand myself that any defective product should not be flowed to the next procedure.

Shell: What’s your biggest harvest since working?
Bai: My biggest harvest is to master knowledge what I didn’t know before. Especially my master and several good friends, they give me help and support, not only at work, but also in life. During two years, we got long well with each other.

Shell: What’s your goal and expectation of our company?
Bai: My goal is to work harder, master more knowledge, make more money and then provide my family. If I had spare time, I will travel with my families to see outside scenery and to expand our horizon.

Shell: Thank you for your cooperation. Hope you become better and better!
Bai: You are welcome!

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