Sun Hongbo: The Star of Model in Sinorock

Last month, Mr. Liu, the head of production workshop, praised Sun Hongbo in the online communication group. The reason was that Sun Hongbo works very hard everyday. He usually maintains the equipment in his spare time. With the advice of Mr. Liu and other colleagues, the company named Sun Hongbo as “ the Star of Model”.
Sun Hongbo is on the night shift this week. We arranged this interview after lunch. When I saw him, it was already dark. The interview began from his work.
Shell: When did you join Sinorock? What are you responsible for?
Sun: I joined Sinorock in April, 2014. Now it has been half year. I’m responsible for hot rolling, which is one step of the whole process of anchor bolt production.
Shell: Have you ever encountered difficulties in work? How did you solve it?
Sun: Before I joined Sinorock, I was a worker responsible for machine maintenance. I’m not familiar with the hot rolling. Thus I need to learn new skills. There are many skilled workers in our factory, so I usually ask them to teach me. Two months later, I can handle my work. I thank them very much.
Shell: Many colleagues said that you are positive in your work. You always maintain the equipment in your spare time and then you can keep high efficiency in work time. How did you do that?
Sun: I think that is because I have a good attitude to my work. It is not just a job. I can get a sense of accomplishment from it. I work by heart and have developed a good habit. I think that is the strength of habit.
Shell: You are named as “ the Star of Model”. Can you share your feelings with us?
Sun: I work hard and get my return. I deserve it. At the same time, I must thank my colleagues. They give me great help. Thank them again.

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