Pang Yule: Try the Best to Overcome Difficulties.

I’m a purchasing agent in Sinorock
I’m Pang Yule, working in Luoyang Engineering Material Co., Ltd. I work as a purchasing agent, mainly responsible for the accessories products.
In my daily work, I need to purchase material and sign purchase contract according to the order. After purchasing, the material should be checked out for storage. Then I follow the production process and solve problems if there are. I also need to corporate with financial center for payment.
I get great improvement of cooperation and communication ability.
In my work, I need to cooperate and communicate with colleagues and suppliers. When I get a order, I pick out the accessories products. If there is a doubt about the order, I will communicate with the marketing center to ensure the accuracy. Then I need to communicate with the R & D center to confirm the product drawing. After that, I will make the procurement list and check the stock with the warehouse. The next step is purchasing material from the supplier and submit the relevant bill of document to financial center. At every step, cooperation and communication are important and necessary. After several years’ work, I gain great improvement of cooperation and communication ability.
The most unforgettable thing is attending the training of executive ability.
In August, my company appointed 10 staff to attend the training of executive ability. I was one of them. Before the training, we everyone made a goal and a study plan to achieve it. During the training, we wore the fatigue and left deep impression on the teacher and the other trainees. After the training, everyone shared with other colleagues. Through the training, I learned a lot. It also brought a opposite effect to my work.
Try the best to overcome difficulties.
There was a thing happened in the first half year of 2014. Once, after we check the material, we found that there was a quality problem. The problem was not serious but it couldn’t come up to the standard. It was also against our company spirit, which is revering the standard. Then, I applied a business trip to have a negotiation with the supplier.
When I arrived their company, I requested a special session about the quality problem. After that, the same problem not happened again.
Work hard and adolesce with the company.
I like my job. I hope that I can adolesce with the company. I also believe that we can get great achievement in the future, because we have a excellent and hardworking team.

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