The Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Xinjiang Dashimen Water Conservancy Project

October 12, Dashimen Water Conservancy Project was opened to construct in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It is one of 172 important water conservancy projects in China.
The primary mission of this project is flood-prevent irrigation and electricity-generating. The investments are totally 1.96 billion yuan. It consists of barrage, spillway tunnel and power station. The total capacity of reservoir is 12. 7 million cubic meters, dam is 132.8-meters high. It is predicted to control 341.4 thousand mu and generate 170 million KWH electricity per year.
After this project construction, it can not only control flood upstream, but also provide electricity support for surrounding grids, improve the condition of people’s life and relieve the problems of seasonal shortage of water.
Dashimen Water Conservancy Project has great problems of sediment accumulation. The average sediment concentration is about 4.39 kilograms per square meter. It is quite severe when conical-shaped sediment accumulation moves to the front of dam.
With the development of sedimentation, the amount of sediment is increasing and the volume turns bigger, which will bring difficulties for project. So based on terrain condition and projects’ safety, self drilling anchor bolt plays a quite important role.
Self drilling anchor bolt, as an efficient anchoring method, usually applies in weak and broken conditions. As for the projects with severe sediment accumulation, it has much more advantages:
1. Self drilling anchor bolt combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, it is high-quality, time-saving and easy to operate.
2. Self drilling anchor bolt adopts special thread on its surface, so it can connect with other assorted machines smoothly.
3. Self drilling anchor bolt can be cut according to your demand.
4. Self drilling anchor bolt can be used for permanent support in weak conditions. It has enough pre-stress to control the deformation of project.

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